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Pet Taxis

Livestock & Wildlife transport services

We are able to carry Wildlife & Small domestic livestock such as poultry, sheep, goats & miniature pigs throughout South East Queensland in our small animal trailers. We do not generally cart livestock in the vehicles with the exception of small or young animals to approximately 10kgs in weight, within plastic travel crates.

We transport

  • Poultry & Birds

  • Wildlife Rescue

  • Snakes & Reptiles

  • Sheep & Goats

  • Miniature Pigs

Be sure to check

Some domesticated farm animals such as goats and pigs may require a waybill or other documentation to be prepared by the owner / shipper prior to travel. Please check with the Department of primary Industries for further information.

There are of course restrictions on the movement of some types of native, and wild animals and in some cases a permit is required to be held by either the shipper, receiver or both. In these instances we would need to obtain a copy of the appropriate permits prior to travel.

Some breeds of dog have been classified as dangerous by local government departments in some areas. There are not currently any restrictions on the transport of these animals however owners and purchasers should make themselves familiar with the specific rules relating to their individual areas.

We do reserve the right to refuse to transport any animal that we consider presents a risk to ourselves, any other animals that we may be carrying or to the Public. This includes but is not limited to aggressive or unhealthy animals.